Corporate Events

Cocktails/Welcome Music. Whether it be an after work gathering or luncheon, your guests will not all arrive at once. Give them quality entertainment as they arrive in the waiting area and your actually ready for them in the main function space. {45-60 minutes}

Spot Performance. Maybe your program has quite a number of persons presenting/speaking.Your audience's attention span might get a little fatigued. Break the monotony by having a performance of about 1-2 song to get everyone in the frame of mind to continue receiving the valuable information that is being presented. {1-2 songs}

Lunch/Dinner Music. Lunch/Dinner Music usually takes 45 minutes to an hour and in that time, not much is happening. For a more wholesome experience, have some saxophone instrumentals being played in the background for the former part of Lunch/Dinner and then towards the latter part, a mini performance where your guests are serenaded. It's always best to pair good food with good music. Take it from me, your event will be talked about for some-time to come.