Wedding Proposals. What's more beautiful than him/you being on one knee with a sparkling rock in your outstretched hand, the Saxophonist playing her favorite song and right as she beings to Pop the question? My answer....simply put, Nothing!!!!

Wedding Ceremony. If the  order is a bit overwhelming and you have some question about which rites to include and when, that's completely normal. The great news is that most ceremonies follow a similar format, so if you've been to (or been in) a few, you've probably got an idea of how the wedding order of service usually flows.

First off, the processional. This is when members of your immediate family and wedding party head down the aisle and either find a seat or take their places on either side of the altar. The processional begins with the bride's mother and follows with the groom, best man, paired-up wedding party, flower girl, and ring bearer. It ends with the bride making her entrance escorted by her father who "gives her away" to the groom.

Musically speaking, at your (client [Bride or Groom] ) request you can have a 15-20 minute prelude while the guests are being seated. The MOTHER of the bride usually requires 1 special song to march down the aisle. {1 song}

The Groom and Best Man also marches down to a song specific to them. {1 song)

The Bridal Party gets a song of their own which is sometimes looped in order to accommodate the entire party marching down the aisle. The looping is dependent on how large the party size is. {1 song}

Now it's time for the BRIDE to make her grand entrance. She gets to choose a song that she wants to march down the aisle to and be serenaded as she walks down with the giveaway father. {1 song}

Signing of Marriage Documents/Register is next in the sequence where Entertainment would be needed. This segments follows the format of a mini performance for your guests while the documents are being signed. It is recommended to have 2 songs prepared for this segments. {2 songs}

Unity Ceremony. In a unity ritual, the couple does something that physically symbolizes their new union, such as using two candles to light a single candle or binding their hands together with a ribbon. This sometimes requires 1 song playing in the background as someone speaks or reads something symbolic. {1 song} (OPTIONAL)

Recessional. This is where the officiant pronounces you married and turns to the guests to introduce the married couple for the first time and encourages guests to applaud and celebrate the newlyweds. Then, the newlyweds lead the recessional down the aisle as guests cheer for your union. {1 song}

Cocktails/ Cocktail Hour. So it's time for you to go off and have your photos taken by your photographer and in some cases your cinematographer. What happens to your guests while you're off for that 1 + hour? Well! Keep them entertained with a solid hour of saxophone instrumentals and performances they will bombard your ears with when you return. Songs from multiple different genres will keep them entertained until you return.

Reception. The day is winding down and its time to let your hair down, change into something a little more comfortable and celebrate your union with family and friends. Among the cake cutting and champagne popping, good quality music from an experienced professional along with great food will make the entire day come together. Some clients will opt to have music being played their guests are dining and some prefer to get the full value for their money and have the entertainment towards the end of dinner when they can just sit back and relax and enjoy the performances. It's all up to you. It's important to note that music/entertainment will make or break you reception. So with that in mind, be very intentional of who you choose and the direction you'd like the evening to flow. Also, don't forget to choose Emcee that pairs well with your entertainer for the evening.